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I have had the privilege of working with your firm since June of 2003 when I first started working as a Drilling Supervisor near Taber, Alberta. I was fortunate to have been introduced to your firm by an experienced mentor that assured me that your firm would help me deal with the challenges associated with vac truck services.

In the past decade, I have worked with your firm on a regular basis on all types of drilling rigs in all types of drilling operations. We have struggled with the frantic pace of shallow gas operations and enjoyed the slower pace of directional drilling operations. I have worked with many of your drivers and most of your trucks. Regardless of the truck or the driver, there is one common denominator - RELIABILITY!

Your drivers have all exhibited the same work habits. They are hard working, conscientious, and they take pride in their work. Your firm's participation in the drilling operations makes my job a lot easier. I can be confident that problems will be addressed or brought to my attention in a timely manner when your firm is on location. Your driver's have experience and an understanding that we need to work together to achieve success. When things go wrong, some firms may encourage hiding the problem in the hope that it can be resolved before it is a critical issue. Your firm embraces disclosure of any issue that may have an impact on the drilling operations.

I cannot begin to list the number of times that your firm has taken steps above and beyond to make sure that the drilling operations run smoothly. Although you have been fortunate to have a top notch group of drivers, I'm confident that they enjoy the benefits of being assigned newer equipment and top notch accommodation trailers. I believe that a driver that is provided with well maintained equipment and a comfortable accommodation trailer will exhibit a better mental attitude while he performs his tasks. This superior attitude translates into an overall improvement in rig moral and a better rig performance.

Regrettably, it isn't possible to quantify your firm's contribution to the ROP (Rate of Penetration) or the Spud-to-Rig Release of the rig. Although it isn't possible to quantify your firm's contribution, I am able to state that your firm has always had a positive effect on the overall performance of the rig and the economic value associated with the Daily Drilling Costs.

My only complaint with your firm is the shortage of units in your fleet when I am assigned a rig and have been required to find a vac truck and driver at a moment's notice. I can understand the difficulties of finding drivers that meet your high standards and I can understand the high demand that exists for oil companies that have had the benefit of experiencing your top notch service.

I'll try to provide your firm with as much notice as possible when a job becomes available. Your firm is my first choice for vac truck services although I fear that this letter of reference can only harm my chances of being able to get a vac truck when the need arises.
Douglas Tompson